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We have trained technician who have full experience in plumbing. We provide immediate service in affordable service cost. We find the proper problem and fix them.

Our team is expert in many services like industrial plumbing, Residential plumbing, outdoor plumbing, etc. We are wide range service provider.

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Replace faucets 

Fixing new faucets to avoid rust problem

Repairing of pipes

Running water is avoided by repairing old pipes

Drained pipes

Removing bathroom clogs & fixes leaks

The Friendly Plumbers Tortolita

If you own a house, chances are high that you will need a plumber. There are many things that need to be fixed. Some might be small issues. Others are more urgent. You may fix few things yourself. But that can be messy. Plumber Tortolita is in town for more than three decades. We have always made your life easy. A leakage in the basement or frozen showers are common problems. Having a good Tortolita plumber friend is always better. One who can help you anytime? Yes!! You read it right. Plumber Tortolita AZ is with you 24X7.
Look out for below signs in your home: 
-Choked sinks
-Cold water in showers
-Overflowing toilets
-Gas line repair
-Sump pump installation or repair
-Remodel bathroom or kitchen
-Change faucets and other items 
Does any of these remind you something? Let us not wait long. A simple issue can prove costly. A small leak can slowly extend its reach. This can further damage the walls. Or maybe furniture in the house. If repaired in time, small plumbing problems can save millions. Plumber Tortolita AZ has more than 5000 customers. The clients are always happy. You want to know why? Here is the answer: 
-Tortolita Plumber is there 24X7. In case of emergency like flooding in basement, you cannot wait for long. So, our people will be with you in minimum time. You can call day or night. You will be answered by a staff. No robots or machines will answer you. Isn’t it great?
-Plumber Tortolita has valid license. All AZ requirements are clear. We are authorised and qualified.
-All staff is permanent. A record check has been done. You can be at ease. Each agent is trained. They have cleared the exam before coming to the field. Monthly trainings are taken to keep them updated. Your house and you are in the best hands. 
-We guarantee our work. Normally, the problem will not reoccur. But if it does, we will fix it for free.
We value your time. And ours also. Once the appointment is booked, we are always on time. Any delay by us and you get 5% immediate discount.
-There are no extra charge for weekend or late hours. You can book us as per your convenience.
We do the right job at first time. Our staff will never suggest temporary solution. With new gadgets and technology, first we inspect the problem. Then we solve it from root. This will save you from any reoccurrences.
-Our rates are lowest in the market. This means, you get the best service anytime at minimum price. We back our prices and assure you of best quality. 

We are best at Plumbing

Are you looking for a trustworthy plumber? Then contact us. We have team of professional plumbers who are there at your service 24/7 hours. We are expert at our work and we also give fast and reliable service.


-You can contact us in more than one ways. Reach us via Facebook, phone, message or instant chat. 
Now you know why Plumber Tortolita is best in town. It is time we tell you what we can do for you. 
For residential units, we have below services: 
-Water heaters: Plumber Tortolita AZ can help repair, replace and install water heaters. Check if you have any of these symptoms:
-There is delay in hot water flow
-No hot water at all
-Some noise from the heater
-Heater is more than eleven years old
-Not all taps are connected to heater
-Hot water leakage 
Or anything else. Tortolita plumber can help you fix all these problems.
-Pipe lines: Water and drainage pipelines are very old in this Tortolita. Tortolita plumbers have installed many new ones. It is time to get rid of faulty lines. No more mixing of lines. Or back flowing of dirty water in your house. We can clean the pipelines. Any replacements are guaranteed for 10 years.
-Green plumbing: It is the latest trend. Check with our agents today, how you can benefit from this. One simple step of yours can save environment. Ask us how.
-Bathroom remodel: Old bathrooms and kitchens are not good for today’s appliances. Lack of space and water exits can make work difficult. You can ask for free analysis. Our experienced staff will tell how you can upgrade your kitchen and bathroom. The analysis is free of cost. Book an appointment today. We can give you better living.
-Garbage clearance: Any problems with chute, call Tortolita plumbers. With latest machines, we can clear all rubbish in no time. All you get is clean and fast service.
-Pipes, taps etc.: You can get all supplies from Plumber Tortolita AZ at minimum cost. 
We are serving for years now. Plumber Tortolita experience in plumbing is valued. Do not fall trap of any new comers. Hire only right people for the job. Tortolita Plumber can get the work done in first time. No delays, no extra cost and just best service. 
Call us today on the number below or click on the web link. We are just one hit away.


We do all plumbing related installation like installing faucets, tanks, bathtubs, etc.


Water treatment and filtration is done. This also includes R.O. systems, Sulfur/iron filter, etc.